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2 Tutorials that teach Reflection in Focus: Setting Learning Goals
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Reflection in Focus: Setting Learning Goals

Reflection in Focus: Setting Learning Goals

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson will introduce learners to one component of lessons on which they might reflect. 

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Notes on “Reflection in Focus: Setting Learning Goals”


(00:00-00:20) Introduction

(00:21-02:03) Learning Goals

(02:04-03:05) Reflection on Learning Goals

(03:06-03:28) Reflection

(03:29-04:08) Conclusion 

Additional Resources

Module 2: Establishing and Communicating Learning Goals

This is a section from Handbook for the Art and Science of Teaching by Robert J. Marzano and John L. Brown. Scroll down for reflection questions that you can use in your own practice to improve teaching strategies.

Victoria Department of Education: Personal Learning Goals

This is a useful guide to establishing personal learning goals for students. Scroll down to see the stages of setting learning goals that you can apply in your classroom.

North Dakota Department of Education: Curriculum Website

Scroll to the second section on using standards to create "I can" statements (learning goals). Here you will find sample "I can" statements and a template for developing "I can" statements for your classroom.

Montgomery County Public Schools: 10 Basic Quality Tools for the Classroom

Scroll down to find templates for student goal setting action plans. These tools and strategies engage and empower students to own their learning and data. In addition, these tools and strategies are important elements to cycles of continuous improvement in the classroom.