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Reflection on Adaptive Learning

Reflection on Adaptive Learning

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, you will reflect on adaptive learning.

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Implementing Adaptive Learning

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In this tutorial, you'll reflect on the use of adaptive learning in the classroom. Throughout this course, you have learned about adaptive learning, and you've considered what it might look like in your classroom.

Let's use four guiding questions from Marzano's Domain Number I in order to help us reflect. First, what will you do to establish and communicate learning goals to track student progress and to celebrate success as you implement adaptive learning in your classroom? What will you do to help students effectively interact with new knowledge?

What will you do to help students practice and deepen their understanding of this new knowledge? For example, will you provide supplemental resources in addition to those provided by the adaptive learning technology? And, finally, what will you do to engage students?

Though student engagement may already be increased simply through the use of the adaptive learning technology, what else will you do to build and maintain that engagement? I hope you find these guiding questions helpful as you reflect on the potential use of adaptive learning technology in your classroom. As you reflect on how this new information can be applied, you may want to explore the additional resources section that accompanies this video presentation.

This is where you'll find links to resources, chosen to help you deepen your learning and explore ways to apply your newly-acquired skill set. Thanks for joining me today. Have a great day.

Notes on "Reflection on Adaptive Learning"

(00:00 - 00:13) Introduction

(00:14 - 01:10) Marzano's Guiding Questions

(01:11 - 01:30) Stop and Reflect

Additional Resources

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