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Reflection on Instructional Strategies

Reflection on Instructional Strategies

Author: Trisha Fyfe

This lesson provides an introduction to Marzano's reflective teacher practices that will be built upon throughout this course

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21st Century Instructional Practices

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Source: Image of Light Bulb, Public Domain, ; Image of Question Marks, Public Domain, ; Image of Teacher and Students, Public Domain,

Notes on "Reflection on Instructional Strategies"


(00:00- 00:28) Introduction/Objectives

(00:29- 01:29) What is a Reflective Teacher?

(01:30- 02:15) Why Should Teachers Reflect?

(02:16- 02:58) Questions for Reflection

(02:59- 03:46) Marzano, Shulman and Reflection

(03:47- 06:35) Sample Lesson and Reflection

(06:36- 07:13) Tips for Reflection

(07:14- 08:04) Recap

(08:05- 08:40) Reflection

Additional Resources

Reflecting on Teaching

This article outlines the purpose and importance of self-reflection for teachers. Pay close attention to the sections called "How Do I Reflect" and "How Do I Support My Colleagues" for practical application to your reflective practices.

National Teachers of the Year reflect on learning and growth 

The common theme or trend of this effective teachers is their belief that relationships garner growth. Notice the ways in which these teachers reflect in their interview.