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Reflection on Instructional Strategies

Reflection on Instructional Strategies


This lesson provides an introduction to Marzano's reflective teacher practices that will be built upon throughout this course

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21st Century Instructional Practices

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Source: Globe, Clker,; Stick Figure, Pixxabay,; Kitchen Pictures, Provided By The Author; Robert Marzano,; John Hattie,

Notes on "Reflection on Instructional Strategies"

(00:00-00:17) Intro

(00:18-00:53) Home Improvements

(00:54-01:37) The Reflective Teacher

(01:38-02:28) Importance of Reflection

(02:29-03:32) Teaching Skills

(03:33-04:18) Sample Reflection

(03:19-04:50) Tips

(04:51-05:35) Summary/Food For Thought