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2 Tutorials that teach Reflective Practices for Teachers
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Reflective Practices for Teachers

Reflective Practices for Teachers

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson will introduce learners to components of reflective practice.

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Notes on “Reflective Practices for Teachers”


(00:00-00:17) Introduction

(00:18-01:08) Reflection Overview

(01:09-03:15) Schon’s View

(03:16-04:03) Pappas’ view

(04:04-06:05) Hatton and Smith’s View

(06:06-06:33) Reflection

(06:34-07:07) Conclusion 

Additional Resources

The Reflective Teacher: A Taxonomy of Reflection (Part 3)

This post on educator Peter Pappas' blog is about teacher reflection using Digital Bloom's. Pappas also provides useful tips for using student reflection in the classroom.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Bloom's Taxonomy of Reflection for Teachers

A useful article on how teachers can use Bloom's Taxonomy in their reflection process to improve their practice. In addition, view the Prezi to learn more about reflective practices from Peter Pappas.

Reflection4Learning: Double Loop Learning

This is a Google site dedicated to reflective teaching and learning practices. This site reviews how to use the Double Loop Cycle of Inquiry in reflection to improve teaching and learning. The infographics provide a clear picture of the cycle and its impact on instructional practice.