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Reflective Strategies

Reflective Strategies

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, students will learn strategies for reflection.

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Instructional Coaching

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Notes on "Reflective Strategies"



(00:00 - 00:09) Introduction

(00:10 - 00:27) What Will You Learn Today?

(00:28 - 01:53) What are the Main Focus Areas in Reflection?

(01:54 - 03:25) What are Reflective Strategies?

(03:26 - 05:03) How Can Reflective Questions Be Used?

(05:04 - 06:06) How Can Reflective Strategies Be Used in Coaching?

(06:07 - 06:50) What Did You Learn Today?

(06:51 - 07:12) Reflection

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This page on the Learning and Teaching website provides reflective practices for teachers to promote continuous improvement and increases in student achievement.

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This Edutopia article provides useful tips for coaching and building trust.