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Regular ER IR verbs in preterit (PAST tense)

Regular ER IR verbs in preterit (PAST tense)

Author: Melissa Schenck

To learn/review the basic endings of ER/IR verbs in the preterit (past tense)

This video is about ER and IR verbs in the past tense or (preterit) in Spanish. The endings that you see are meant to show that an action happened in the past. In English we usually do this with "ed" on the end of a verb. You only need to watch up until 4:10 or so.  If it goes too slow/fast for you, pause or skip ahead!  Be sure to write any questions you have in the form provided!


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Regular ER and IR verbs in the preterit (PAST tense)

In the last tutorial, you watched videos about AR verbs, ir and ser in the past tense. This video will teach you about the past tense verb endings for regular ER and IR verbs in Spanish.

You only need to watch up till 4:10 or so. If you do not like/understand this video, you could look up another on YouTube (regular ER and IR verbs in Spanish) and answer the same questions below.

Source: VisualLinkLanguages

This set of questions is intended to gauge your comprehension of the past tense conjugations of regular ER and IR verbs. Its timely completion does count for HW credit AND prepares you for class!

Source: melissa schenck/google drive