Regular Preterit (past tense): -AR verbs and IR/SER

Regular Preterit (past tense): -AR verbs and IR/SER

Author: Melissa Schenck

To learn/review the basic endings of AR verbs and IR/SER in the preterit (past tense)

This collection of videos is about the past tense or (preterit) in Spanish. The endings that you see are meant to show that an action happened in the past. In English we usually do this with "ed" on the end of a verb. The first video is about regular AR (hopefully this is review). The second one is about the verbs "IR" (to go) and "SER" (to be) in the preterit (and again, this may be review for some at least). 

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Regular AR verbs in the preterit tense (past actions)

Watch the video and copy down notes about the AR verb endings. Then, fill out my Google Form about the video.

Source: senor jordan/YouTube

IR and SER in the past tense

IR and SER in the past tense - went and was/were. Don't forget to take notes!

Source: Senor Jordan/YouTube

Regular AR preterit and IR/SER (PAST ACTIONS) form (HW)

This set of questions is intended to gauge your initial comprehension of past tense conjugations. Its timely completion does count for HW credit AND prepares you for class!

Source: melissa schenck/google drive