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A good example of an eccliesiastical court would be __________.

Many religious require repentance from sinfulness, but Shinto requires __________.

The god of rice is known as __________.

Jesus died by __________.

Female initiates into the Khalsa take the surname

The ethical principle of the Golden Rule is found in

The sacred book of Islam is called the __________.

The goal of religious pluralism is __________.

Islam traces its ancestry to the patriarch __________.

In Islam, charity or almsgiving is known as __________.

The Pentateuch refers to the __________.

Missionaries who spread the Christian faith in the first century were called __________.

Who founded Sikhism?

The new “Arab Spring” resulted in __________.

Which word most closely translates the Japanese word kami?

The label “new religious movement” is __________.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon founded the __________.

The word kamikaze means __________.

The scattering of Jews outside of the land of Israel is known as the __________.

Male initiates into the Khalsa take the surname

Which is the Jewish holy day of atonement and cleansing?

The covenant is a __________.

In Northern Ireland, interfaith efforts have attempted to directly address conflict between __________.

Jesus taught spiritual lessons by telling stories called __________.

Which apocalyptic religious movement was founded by Charles Taze Russell?

The name for God in Islam is __________.

The biggest annual Shinto festival celebrates the __________.

The Rastafari religious group originated in __________.

Which of the following is not one of the synoptic gospels?

Which was not among the three central teachings of Guru Nanak?

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