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Relative Velocity Part 4

Relative Velocity Part 4

Author: Parmanand Jagnandan

This the 4th packet in the 4 part series on relative velocity. In this packet I review how to determine the relative velocities of two objects when they are moving at angles to one another.

I present a slideshow introduction to a video which goes over an in-depth solution on how to calculate the relative velocities of two objects moving at angles to one another.

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The student should first review Relative Velocity Part 1Relative Velocity Part 2, and Relative Velocity Part 3, before beginning this packet. The student should also have an understanding of Pythagorean Theorem and the basic Trigonometric functions (Sin-Cos-Tan).

Relative Velocity Part 3

In this slideshow I provide some background information for the video, "Objects Moving At Angles To One Another."

Objects Moving At Angles To One Another

In this video I go over an in-depth solution to a relative velocity problem where two objects are moving at angles to one another.