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Religion as Myth

Religion as Myth

Author: Carissa Wyant

This lesson discusses both the myths that can be found at the base of many religions, as well as the view that contemporary religious practice is in fact just a vestige of older, non-rational modes of thought.

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Approaches to Studying Religions

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  • Myth

    A claim or narrative that is psychologically, anthropologically, or sociologically ‘true’ despite the absence of empirical data or other rational support for it.

  • Rational

    Based in logical cognition and reason; calculating.

  • Non-rational

    Making little to no use of logic, cognition, or reason.

  • Irrational

    Violating known and accepted rules and standards of logic, cognition, or reason.

  • Extra-rational

    Beyond the limits of human logic, cognition, or reason—typical of the divine.