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Religious Organizations

Religious Organizations

Author: Sadie Pendaz

This lesson will delineate the various components of religion: The church, state-church, denomination, sect, civic religion, and cult.

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  • Fundamentalism

    A highly traditional worldview that dismisses all other religious groups by taking one book as word-for-word truth.

  • Civic-Religion

    A religious-like devotion to a state and the citizenship ideals of that state.

  • Cult

    A small, close-knit group who devoutly follows the instruction of a charismatic leader.

  • Sect

    A smaller, less formal and more spontaneous religious group that exists apart from the larger society.

  • State Church

    A church that is linked to a nation state.

  • Denomination

    A church that recognizes religious difference and exists separate from the nation state.

  • Church

    The institution of religion that is integrated into society as a whole.