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Repaso de Conversaciones Básicas del Español

Repaso de Conversaciones Básicas del Español

Author: Amy Wiedel

Use this to review the components of basic conversation in Spanish.

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Un Repaso de las Conversaciónes

Please complete the following steps to help you review for your Spanish Conversation Quiz!

1.  Watch Señor Jordan's YouTube Video.

2.  Take the short quiz that asks you questions about the video and Spanish

3.  Play the Zondle games to review days, months and numbers.

Basic Conversation in Spanish

Señor Jordan go through the basic parts of a beginning Spanish conversation.

Zondle Game - Repaso de los Días

Play this Zondle game to review the days of the week.

Zondle Game - Los Meses del Año

Use this Zondle game to review the Spanish months of the year.

Zondle Game - Los Números 1-31

Use this Zondle game to review Spanish numbers 1-31.