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Report Writing: How To Workshop Part 2

Report Writing: How To Workshop Part 2


To write a clearly organised report

Scaffolded writing frame for a report.

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Success Criteria

Success Criteria:
* I can group and sequence ideas logically
* I can organise and display information clearly using subheadings
* I can cite the sources for my research
* I can use the writing frame to write an effective report about The Octopus's Garden Project
* I can use the assessment criteria to help me be successful

Step 1

You must have watched the video and completed the video in the first part of the workshop before completing this. Please click here if you have not.

Step 2

a) Have a look at this learner example of a report.


  • title
  • subheadings
  • paragraphs
  • introduction
  • main body
  • conclusion
  • references
  • images
  • research question


b) Have a look at the YELLOW and PINK highlighted sentences in the first two paragraphs of the main body.

These are the topic and summary sentences. Topic sentences (yellow) introduce the topic of the paragraph. Summary sentences (pink) sum up or conclude each paragraph - so each paragraph is like a mini-essay with three parts:-

  1. topic sentence/introduction
  2. development and evidence/main body
  3. summary sentence/conclusion

c) Find the topic and summary sentences in the remaining three paragraphs of the main body

Step 3

Look at this example of a learner PLAN. These are the notes the learner made before writing the essay. See if you can see how they have used their notes to create their essay.

Step 4

Complete this PLAN for your own report on The Octopus's Garden Project.

Step 5

Use your PLAN to complete this FRAME as a first draft.

Step 6

Use your FIRST DRAFT FRAME to complete your final draft. Make sure you use the rubric to ensure success.

Post this final version of your report on your blog.


Post to your Blog. Click TURN IN on Edmodo and then paste the URL of your post.

Source: Mrs Holly English


Complete the quiz at the top right of the tutorial.

Source: Mrs Holly English 2013