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RES 724 WEEK 6 Research Design Critique

RES 724 WEEK 6 Research Design Critique

Author: Yanis Gherasim
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RES 724 WEEK 6 Research Design Critique


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RES 724 WEEK 6 Research Design Critique

RES 724 WEEK 6 Research Design Critique

RES 724 WEEK 6 Research Design Critique

Locate a peer-reviewed research study using a research design similar to the design you will be using in your dissertation.

Use the University of Phoenix Materials: Research Article Critique Checklist as a guide for critiquing the article you identified.

Write a 1,050-word minimum critique of the research article that addresses each item on the checklist in detail.  Provide examples from the study to exemplify your answers.

Research Article Critique Checklist

Critique a research article that uses the same method/design that you have chosen for your own research.  Answer the following questions in depth. Do not simply answer yes or no. 

Article Citation:


Does it accurately describe the article?


Does it introduce the topic?

Is the purpose of the study clear?

Statement of the Problem:

Is there a general problem?

Is there a specific problem?

Is there rationale for why this is a problem with citations given?

Does the problem statement explain how the research will address the problem?

Purpose of the Study:

Is the reason for doing the study clear?

Is the sample and geographic location clear?

Is the method and design listed with rationale for its appropriateness?

Does the purpose of the study address the problem?

Are the research questions clearly defined?

Are the research questions aligned with the problem and the purpose of the study?

Conceptual Framework:

Are the underlying theories or concepts that define this study clearly described?

Is the relevance of the theories or concepts made clear?

Literature Review:

Is there a literature review to support the research?

Is the literature review comprehensive?

Are the articles recent?


Is the method/design appropriate for the study?

Does the sample fit the design and the purpose of the study?

·         Is sample size discussed and explained?

·         Was how sample was accessed explained?

·         Was instrumentation discussed adequately?

What data sources were used?

·         Was the data triangulated?

·         Were data sources appropriate to the study?

Did the author discuss the researcher as an instrument of the study?

Was data collection method described so that anyone could replicate the study?

Were dependability, trustworthiness, transferability, and confirmability discussed and addressed?


Is the analysis of the data discussed in detail?

Is the analytical approach aligned with the research questions and the research design?


Are the results clearly presented?

Are the words of the participants to exemplify the themes found?

Are the major themes and minor themes presented giving numbers and percentages?

Are the research questions answered?


Are results explained in relationship to:

·         Theoretical framework?

·         Research questions?

·         Significance of the study?

Are results considered in light of current research?


Are limitations of the study presented?

Are implications of these limitations discussed?


Are recommendations made based on the results of this study?

·         Recommendations to the field of study?

·         Recommendations for future research?

·         Recommendations to leaders in the field?

RES 724 WEEK 6 Research Design Critique

RES 724 WEEK 6 Research Design Critique