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Research Paper: MLA Style

Research Paper: MLA Style

Author: Rebecca Oberg

This learning packet should review:
• MLA Style
• When to use and where to use
• Citations

New Terms: A few terms that may be new are:
• Citation
• Footnote
• Bibliography/Works Cited

Through helpful video clips, a thorough slide show presenting definitions and examples, and helpful links to outside sources, this learning packet offers learners a general overview of MLA style. Though entire books have been dedicated to this topic, learners will come away from this packet with a basic understanding of the format, including when, where, and how to use it.

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Why Is MLA format important? Why Use MLA?

This is a brief, basic introduction to MLA style, focusing specifically on the importance of cross-referencing sources, writing with a consistent format, building creditability as a writer, and avoiding plagiarism. This helpful video clip also offers some tips on finding resources relating to MLA format.

Source: YouTube

MLA Style: A Detailed Look

This informative slide show offers a thorough overview of MLA formatting including definitions and examples, from the OWL at Purdue, one of the most trustworthy and noted online sources for citation and writing reference help.


An Introduction to MLA Style

This video clip provides a general overview of MLA style. This is a great place to start if you're not sure what MLA is or if you're looking for some basic information.

Source: YouTube

More Resources for MLA Style

For a more detailed, expansive look at MLA style from a noted online resource, the OWL at Purdue, please visit:


Also, see the Sophia Citations Learning Packet at:

Source: Rebecca Oberg

Writing an MLA Style Research Paper: Finding a Topic and Organizing Your Paper

This brief video clip offers a few key tips for writing a research paper, a writing format which often uses MLA style. From organizing your research to narrowing the scope of your topic, this is a helpful starting point for those unfamiliar with the research paper writing process.

Source: YouTube