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Researching your Biography

Researching your Biography

Author: Anne Trethewey

For students to complete the initial  preparation and research to construct their own biography.

  1. Students be required to select a subject for their biography based on a series of criteria as outline on their Task Sheet.  
  2. Students will then undertake research to find relevant facts and details that will form the foundation of the writing.
  3. Students are encouraged to revise the elements of paragraph writing included; topic, supporting and clincher sentences.


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The time has come to start preparing to write your own biography on a person your admire.  Your selection should be based on the content of their character and evidence from the life of at least three (3) of the key characteristics identified below.

The Assignment

Read your assignment Task Sheet carefully. If you have any questions about what you need to do, please see your teacher before beginning your research.


Source: Miss Trethewey

The Assignment Criteria

Attached it the Criteria Sheet that your teacher will use to mark your Biography. Be sure to read through it carefully so you know exactly what features and elements will need to be included in order to achieve the best possible grade.


Source: Miss Trethewey


When you have decided on the subject for your biography, it is time to undertake your research.  Remember, it is important to identify and confirm your facts from multiple sources to ensure the content of your biography is accurate.

A scaffolding sheet can be found below to help guide you in your search for information.  I have also provided a link to help you record and credit your sources correctly.

Research Scaffolding Sheet


Source: Miss Trethewey


Having collected your research information about your chosen subject it is time to consider and focus your attention on how your subjects character, experiences, achievements and struggles reflect at least three (3) of the character traits listed at the top of this tutorial.  Use the PDF document below to help you in your reflection.

Research: Character Reflection


Source: Miss Trethewey


It is almost time to start writing.  Before you do, take the time to revise topic and supporting sentences and the structure of a well written paragraph.

Topic and Supporting Sentences

Paragraph Writing: Hamburger Style

Source: Miss Trethewey

Biography Sample Paper

Biography of Mae Jemison with key structural elements identified.