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Resource Planning

Resource Planning

Author: Jeff Carroll

This lesson provides an overview of resource planning needed to plan a project.

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Hi, I'm Jeff. And in this lesson, we'll cover resource planning. Resources are anything or anyone needed to create a project deliverables. These resources might be part of the organization or they might come from other sources. It's the project manager's responsibility to identify these resources. And there are two major categories of resource planning that will occur.

First, people resource planning. As you might have guessed, these are the personnel needed to complete our manage a project. All the expertise needed for a project must be included in the people resource plan.

These people might be part of the project team or they might be outside the team, such as consultant, vendors, or suppliers. The project manager is also included in the people resource plan, as well as any other staff that manages the project directly. As an example, for a project with the goal of installing a new voice mail system, the people resource plan would include the project manager, computer server installers, on-site consultants from the vendor that provided the voicemail software, and any quality assurance testers who validate the system is working.

The project manager will also need to plan on non-people resources-- the second major category. This will include technology, materials, and equipment needed to complete the project deliverables. Basically, anything that is not a person in which the project needs is included as part of the non-people resource plan.

For our voicemail project, this will include the purchase of the voicemail software, the computer system necessary to run the software, and any phone or network wiring needed to install the system. To find people or non-people resources, the project manager should review the WBS, and document anyone, or anything needed to complete each task. For the people resources, the project manager should confirm that the personnel needed will be assigned to the project team. If skill gaps exist, then the project manager might need to fill those gaps with new hires, consultants, or other people outside the team.

For non-people resources, the project manager should identify any tools needed for the management, communication, or success of the project. It should be noted whether the resources are already owned by the organization or whether they need to be obtained. If they do need to be purchased, sources for the resource should be listed.

For example, to manage the voicemail project, the project manager might include project management software to build the schedule and assign and monitor tasks. If the resource must be obtained, then it has a cost to the project, and must be included in the project budget. And the project manager must include all resources, people or non-people, in the project plan.

OK, good job. With this lesson, you learned how to create a resource plan. You know to include people and non-people resources in the plan, and how you identify those resources. You also learned that resources might need to be obtained. And if they are, that this will impact the project budget. Thanks for listening. And have a great day.

Terms to Know
Non People Resource Planning

A process for identifying equipment, materials, and technology that are required to complete a project.

People Resource Planning

A process for identifying the people and/or expertise needed to complete a project.