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Respiratory System Text Questions

Respiratory System Text Questions

Author: Martha Giles
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Class 1

1.  What is laryngitis and what happens if you have it?

2.  Explains what happens (anatomically and physiologically) when you snore.

3.  How does cold weather create a runny nose?

4.  Why is the left lung smaller than the right, and the right lung shorter than the left?

5.  What causes lungs to go from pink to black?

6.  Explain what happens (anatomically and physiologically) when you sneeze.

Class 2

1.  Explain in a chart or graphic organizer, the various defense systems that the respiratory system has.

2.  Hormones relax and dilate the bronchioles because they are elastic.  When is that an advantage, and when is that a disadvantage?

3.  What is hyperventilating, and what do YOU think might help someone who is hyperventilating?

4.  What are some things that speed up or slow down or even stop  breathing?

Class 3

1.  What is surfactant and why is it important?

2.  Explain what a macrophage is and why we couldn't live without them.

3.  Why can't you die by holding your breath?  Explain completely.

4.  Describe the alveolar sacs in a short paragraph.