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Response to Intervention: The Question and Answer Series

Response to Intervention: The Question and Answer Series

Author: Nicole Bucka

1. To clarify the most frequently asked questions with regards to Response to Intervention (Multi-Tiered System of Supports)

2.  To compare the framework at the various levels of education (elem, middle, high)

3.  To provide a conceptualized implementation of the framework with roles, responsibilities, and illustrations of process

4. To share resources


This question and answer series is meant to provide an efficient way for teachers, leaders, and teams to address some of the most common questions with regards to RTI/MTSS on their own time, flexibly, and without dedicating valuable technical assistance time/personnel to the task.  To this end, they are all short, video recordings, made publicly available with ongoing revisions based on constructive feedback. 

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Video Q&A Series: What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?

This twelve minute video explains what RTI is and is not.

The National Center on Response to Intervention

A website for all things related to RTI-implementation tools, webinars, training modules, research briefs, and ask the expert talks.  This site also does a review of tools: progress monitoring (general outcome), progress monitoring (mastery measures), screeners, and instructional intervention tools.  Funded through American Institutes for Research and the US Offices of Special Education Programs, TA&D Network, Ideas that Work, this site is ideal for all stages of leading.

The RTI Action Network

Another website for all things RTI, the RTI Action Network's strength lies in its on-going collaboration with schools and districts actively implementing.  I consider this site to be BOTH the evidence base as well as the practice base of what it really looks like in schools that are implementing.  The network is a program of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, funded by the CISCO Foundation and in partnership with the nation's leading education associations and top RTI experts.

Video Q&A Series: How is Secondary (middle and high) Different?

This twelve minute video identifies major differences and contextual factors that will likely present themselves when implementing in secondary settings (middle and highs schools).

Rethinking Response to Intervention at Middle and High School

Authored by Fuchs, Fuchs, and Compton of Vanderbilt University, this commentary was published in School Psychology Review in 2010.


Source: School Psychology Review, 2010, Volume 39, No. 1, pp. 22-28

Thoughts on Rethinking Response to Intervention with Secondary Students


Source: School Pschology Review, 2010, Volume 39, No.2, pp. 296-299

High School Tiered Interventions: Lessons Learned


Tiered Interventions in High Schools

This collaborative report from The Center on Instruction, The National High School Center, and The National Center on Response to Intervention, summarizes what the High School Tiered Interventions Initiative (HSTII) has learned about effective implementation of RTI in high schools.

The RTI Action Network

Across the top, click on the "Middle School" or "High School" tabs

Video Q&A Series: How Does It All Fit Together?

This nine minute video conceptualizes the inter-relatedness of current initiatives (including RTI) for the purposes of implementation. Please note this is ONE way of conceptualizing and my no means the ONLY way. It is meant to be an example of leadership aligning to create focus and sustainable change.

Doing What Works

Videos, slideshows, tools for using proven teaching practices based on the findings from What Works Clearinghouse.  Funded by the US Department of Education.

Center on Instruction

The Center on Instruction is your gateway into a cutting edge collection of scientifically based resources on instruction.  It is one of five national content centers funded by the US Department of Education to help state education leaders raise student achievement, close achievement gaps, and improve teaching and learning for all.