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Review 1 (Mythology 1-5)

Review 1 (Mythology 1-5)

Author: Sarah Landis

to review the gods and goddesses we've covered so far, including

  • both their Greek and Latin names
  • their physical appearances
  • their iconography

a review of the gods (mostly Olympians) we've covered so far

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Start Here

Check out these DeviantArt links for a warm-up.

  • Disney-style Olympians: Can you identify everyone without checking the caption? Who's the only one missing?
  • Comic Book style: Again, try to identify without peeking. There are two missing now: who are they?
  • Logo Style: Four missing! Who are they, and how would you depict them (color scheme, animal, symbol)?

When you're done here, move on to the slideshows and forms below. Save the quiz for last. Although it's multiple choice, it's also the most abstract.

Source: (follow links for specific artists)


Use these slides to complete the form below.

Source: ClipArt Etc (

questions for first slideshow

Source: Sarah Landis


The following slideshow gives no names. Give the GREEK names for these deities in the form below.

Source: ClipArt Etc (

questions for second slideshow

Source: Sarah Landis