Review 1.1-1.4

Review 1.1-1.4

Author: Eamond McAuley

Unit 1.1-1.4


Review content from the unit including definitions, postulates, problem solving using algebra and equations, drawings, multiple choice, notation, and formulas.

This tutorial will summarize the testable material for Lessons 1.1 - 1.4

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Your Very First Geometry Test

I'm not going to lie to you guys!  

This test will be challenging if you are not well versed in the Geometry material we have covered these past few weeks.  

So study up!  

The first test is always the most difficult because you haven't seen what a Geometry test looks like.

Spend some QUALITY time working out problems and knowing the ins and outs of your past few

assignments.  And you'll be successful.


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Sample Segments

Watch for some sample problems involving segments.

Angle Addition

Watch the video to see an angle addition example problem (Helpful for test) and Protractor example problem.