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Review on Student Heroes of Our Times

Review on Student Heroes of Our Times

Author: Remy Claus

What do we know about students? Are they only obsessed with studying, writing research papers, or socializing? Do we still have to listen to chants that modern students are nothing compared to their counterparts from the older generations? And what if we share a few stories of real heroes who performed heroic acts that saved one’s life?
Since there are dozens of real-life stories, we’ve compiled a few most notable cases when students were real heroes in our harsh reality. That’s why we strongly encourage to read on and get to know about the brave acts performed by students that can both inspire and agitate for the courage of these young heroes.
Tharathep Boonharn

We are about to tell a story about a young student who saved the life of a man that collapsed after exercising. Tharathep Boonharn, a student aged 14, has successfully performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a man in Muang District, Thailand. This story was widely shared across social media in Thailand and has also become a case that taught that basic aid skills could save lives
When Tharathep was returning home from school having to write another paper, he found a man who lost his consciousness. The immediate actions performed by a young student included an immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Although this story was not really shared and cited globally, a story of Tharathep Boonharn, a young student who saved one’s life bravely, is worthy of sharing.
Chris Ericks

Now, it’s the right time to tell a Columbine-like story, which fortunately ended peacefully, with no injuries whatsoever. Back in 1991, a 17-year old Ryan Harris entered Stevens High School with clear intentions of murdering his colleagues and teachers. During almost a four-hour cowered lockdown, no hope could be seen among all the hostage students.
Eventually, a student named Chris Ericks had caught just an exact moment when Ryan Harris put his shotgun for a second. Following a fierce fight and a struggle for control of a gun, Ericks was the one who remained victorious. Since Ericks has single-handedly brought a situation to an end, he was proclaimed a real hero who prevented a mass shooting from happening in one of the American high schools.
Isabel Gil

The following story might not be the most life-saving ones in a figurative sense, but definitely the one in a metaphorical one. Isabel Gil is a Forest Hills Eastern High School student who recently became the first-place winner in the annual President Gerald R. Ford Student Writing Challenge. What makes this victory to be so notable is the fact that Isabel was a student who voluntarily helped other laureates with their writing skills during coaching sessions.
In particular, instead of ignoring all the other students, this year’s winner had offered the best solution in the form of custom writing service, which consisted of the review of other students’ works before the competition took place. The same goes for the best websites for research paper writing, where students can get acquainted with what tools to choose to boost their writing. Although you can find more heroic reviews throughout the tabloid websites, the mentioned help with a research paper is the best service one can possibly get. Be sure to review what resources to use, if you’re up for using some external help or services that can boost your writing.
Marcos Ugarte

A story of Marcos Ugarte is an example of how a 14-year old boy can be braver than any of the older-aged skeptics. Marcos was busy doing his homework at his home when he saw an orange-red hue down his street. He immediately rushed there, only to see that house to see its burning. Four out of five family members stayed outside the building. However, the father of that family mentioned that their youngest son was supposedly trapped in a second-floor room
Marcos, while hearing that, asked for a ladder straight away. The boy knocked the window and its screen, alongside guiding an 8-year old boy down the ladder. Even though Marcos himself doesn’t perceive himself as a hero, his father definitely has to buy his son an ice cream for such top bravery and courage.

There are dozens of other stories of students saving their colleagues, teachers, or even family members. Even though each particular story is contextual, meaning that any student hero deserves to be praised, the mentioned stories are the most touching we’ve ever seen.
You see, any kind of help coming from the young heroes, either in a life-saving form or via the help with writing, can be heroes, in a sense. That’s why we have nothing else to add but to say that the heroes of this article deserve to become role models for an entire generation.

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