Review the TGS Critical Thinking Rubric (found in its own module...

Review the TGS Critical Thinking Rubric (found in its own module...

Author: Jean Brunner


Step 1:  Review the TGS Critical Thinking Rubric (found in its own module on the class’s Content page).  This rubric is intended to serve as a framework for critical thinking.  Use it to structure your thinking for this assignment and for others in your studies at UMUC. 
The framework (as delineated in the rubric) is based on FOUR key steps, each of which has several sub-steps.  
1.          Identify and clearly explain the main issue or problem under critical consideration.  
2.          Gather and analyze information to explore/investigate the issue or problem. 
3.          Consider and analyze other possible viewpoints, conclusions or decision/solutions to the issue or problem
4.          Develop well-reasoned ideas, conclusions and/or decisions/solutions, checking them against relevant criteria and benchmarks
Step 2:  Read the attached case, and analyze it using the framework provided by the TGS Critical Thinking Rubric.  Use the rubric’s four key steps as the format framework of a short position paper (details in the “Deliverables” section).  Employ the sub-steps within each of the four key steps to further direct your analysis. 
Assignment Deliverables
Write a short paper (no more than 4 pages/1,000 words, excluding the cover page and references) that critically analyses the ideas or position presented in the case reading. The major sections of your paper should include the following:
1.          Introduction 
2.          Explanation of the Issue or Problem
3.          Analysis of the Information
4.          Analysis of Alternative Viewpoints, Conclusions or Solutions
5.          Personal or Summarized Conclusions and Proposed Decisions
6.          Conclusion
Follow these guidelines: 

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