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Revising & Editing the Persuasive Essay (6.7)

Revising & Editing the Persuasive Essay (6.7)

Author: Nichole Carter

At the end of this tutorial students will know:

1. Quick review of the differences between editing and revising

2. Choices for revising (pick one of two color coding sentences or paragraph analysis)

3. What to do after they are finished typing the essay, prior to pressing the print button!


Brief overview of differences between editing and revising, and referencing two previous homework and their notes (editing and revising from our career essay & our types of sentences review).


Students will be asked to pick one of two choices for revising their rough draft (color coding their sentences to check on sentence fluency or paragraph analysis).

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1. Watch video and take notes

2. Complete the summary and question on the digital portion (blue digital form)

3. Take the concept quiz (top right hand corner)

*rate the tutorial...

Video 6.7 Persuasive Essay Editing & Revising

Source: Created by Nichole Carter

Slides to the above video

Digital WSQ

Source: Created by Nichole Carter

Video from Unit 2 on Editing and Revising Expository Essays

Source: By Nichole Carter or MrsCarterHLA on YouTubeEDU