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Revising Your Paper with a Checklist

Revising Your Paper with a Checklist

Author: Meghan Hatalla

Use these checklists to check for errors in:

- spelling & grammar
- clarity
- purpose & focus
- style & tone

Congratulations! You've probably just finished writing a paper. Give yourself a pat on the back, and if you haven't done so yet, take a break.

Okay. Now that you've stepped away for a bit, you're ready to revise your paper with fresh eyes. This packet will provide you with a series of checklists to make sure your paper is in the best possible shape.

NOTE: Although tools like Microsoft Word's Track Changes make editing on-screen easier than ever, it's recommended that you print out the paper and edit the old-fashioned way. Unless you're used to editing on a screen, most people tend to scan information and their eyes skip over errors you catch on paper (particularly words that may be spelled correctly, but are the wrong form).

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Purpose & Focus

Purpose & Focus checklist

Source: Meghan, tutor notes


Clarity graphic

Source: Meghan, tutor notes

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