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Revision Paper 1

Revision Paper 1

Author: donya ernst


Practise Papers with annotated sample responses

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Breakdown of all the questions Paper 1 and 2

Contains useful tips and explanations


Exam Revision Booklet - Paper 1 and 2


Wk 30.l Paper 1 Ques 4 - George Orwell 1984

Your impressions on writer’s effect using language, structure, tone, imagery, word choice
Was it successful or not??

Wk 30.1 Student worksheet George Orwell's 1984

Text, analytical words, sentence starters, example response and differentiated worksheet.


GCSE English: Boring Exam Phrases and Their Replacements

How to appropriately respond to the exam question
'Do's and don'ts'

What Is PEE And How Do I Use It?

Walking Through Paper 1 Brighton Rock

Double lesson
Practise Paper Specimen 2
Tips Tasks and Examples

AQA Paper 1 Specimen 2 The text Brighton Rock


AQA Paper 1 Specimen 2 Ques Paper Brighton Rock


Brighton Rock Student Work Sheet

Literary devices applied in fiction; definition, examples and effects
Fill in appropriate techniques
Analytical Vocabulary for all exam questions
Word choices
Sentence forms
Additional Vocabulary for ques 5


Brighton Rock Annotated Responses

Example responses annotated
To understand how the responses are crafted


Paper 1 Section B How to write a short story

GCSE English Language Grade 9-1: Paper 1 Mock Exam

Practising another mock paper