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Rhetorical Devices and Common Sense

Rhetorical Devices and Common Sense

Author: Tara Neely

Analysis and Synthesis of Rhetorical Devices

Analysis and Synthesis of Common Sense

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The Voice of Reason: Common Sense by Thomas Paine

As we begin to read the piece of literature that lit the fuse of revolution for the colonists, it is important to remember that the colonists were at their core British subjects. It was not their initial goal to separate from king and country, but in time those British subjects will see the time for revolution was upon them.  So, we begin a year before the signing of the Declaration of Independence with a look at the Declaration of Dependence and see what lead us to the idea that separation was, but common sense. 

Source: Tara Neely

Chapter 1 of 46 Pages & Common Sense

Please read and complete the read, write, and highlight for the subsections.


Source: Scott Liell - New York - Running Press Book Publishers - 2005 - ISBN: 9780762415076

Reading Summary Activity

Students in groups will complete a visual explanation of the reading of Chapter 1 of 46 Pages in visual form. 


Source: Tara Neely

Summary Activity Handout


Source: created by Renee Jones

Rhetorical Devices and Rubric

Rhetorical Devices Introduction and Instruction: Please read the handout and complete using the list of Rhetorical Devices.


Source: created by Tara Neely

Rhetorical Devices Packet (25 # and Circled Terms)


Rhetorical Device FlashCards

Use these cards to study the rhetorical  devices for your upcoming "quest". 

In class we will be playing Re-Vu Bands to test your knowledge and your skill at asking questions and identifing the new terms on the list. Will you be ready?