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Rhetorical Question Sentence Structure

Rhetorical Question Sentence Structure


Objective #1:  Be aware that the sentence type is referred to as a Rhetorical Question, but is not actually a is a way to make a statement in American Sign Language.

Objective #2:  Understand that a Rhetorical Question uses the "WH" words (such as why, who, where, etc.).

Objective #3:  Understand that the Rhetorical Question Non-Manual Signal (NMS) is eyebrows up.

Objective #4:  Understand and correctly structure the sentence in a gloss.

Objective #5:  Correctly sign the sentences, in the structure shown in gloss, including the NMS correctly incorporated.

Objective #6:  Be able to utilize this sentence type (without depending on glossing it first) in conversation.

Rhetorical Questions are actually statements in American Sign Language.  The use of the NMS, eyebrows up, with the "WH" words, indicates that the signer is making a statement, not asking a "WH" question.

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Rhetorical Question

This video describes (in spoken English) and demonstrates Rhetorical Questions

Rhetorical Question

Rhetorical Question Sentence Type Structure

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