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RI MTSS Check and Connect

RI MTSS Check and Connect

Author: Ellen Reinhardt

This tutorial is intended to provide resources for MTSS Target Teams who have completed the Developing Tier II Interventions training with the RI Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Project.  For comprehensive information and training in the implementation of Check and Connect, teams should consult  

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Check and Connect is an intervention designed to help students who are at risk for disengagement from school.  Implementation of this intervention is appropriate within a tiered continuum of supports based on the foundational elements of Data (to inform decisions), Practices (for improving outcomes for all students), and Systems (to support adults in implementing those practices).


Basic Check and Connect Mentoring Meeting Simulation

This video provides a simulation of a Check and Connect interaction. The corresponding Check and Connect Mentoring Form for this simulation is provided below.

Simulation Mentoring Form


Sample Check and Connect Mentoring Form


Source: Check & Connect: A comprehensive student engagement intervention

Sample Check and Connect Permission Form

Parent communication is essential at all levels of support (Tier I, II, III). Schools interested in implementing Check and Connect must establish a process for both informing parents about the program and obtaining consent for their child's participation. This following is provided as a sample permission form.