Right Triangle Trigonometry

Right Triangle Trigonometry

Author: Jonathan Heeren
Description: Apply the trigonometric ratios sine, cosine and tangent to solve problems, such as determining lengths and areas in right triangles and in figures that can be decomposed into right triangles. Know how to use calculators, tables or other technology to evaluate trigonometric ratios. 

a) I can determine the correct trigonometric ratios in a

    right triangle.

b) I can determine lengths and areas in right triangles,

    and figures containing right triangles, using sine,

    cosine, and tangent.

c) I can use calculators, tables or other technology to

    find angle measures using inverse operations.

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Basic trigonometric ratios

Please copy down these notes into your notebook for credit

Basic Ratios of Sine, Cosine, and Tangent

This short video will show how the basic trig functions work.

Trig ratios with examples

This video walks through the basic trig functions and works through some examples.

Mr. Heeren video

Mr. Heeren explaining some examples

Examples using Sin and Cos

This is a short video with some examples of setting up the a few trig ratios.

Solve a right triangle

This is an example of using multiple trig ratios to find all sides and angles of a right triangle.

Trig Ratios: Solve for sides

Full Screen

Trig Ratios: Solve for Sides and Angles

Full Screen

Solve All Right triangles using trig

Full Screen

Right Triangle Trig Packet

Full Screen