River Basin :  Structures of the Hydrosphere

River Basin : Structures of the Hydrosphere

Author: Ashley Sos

8.E.1.1 :Local River basins and water availability. 

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What is the difference between a River Basin and a Watershed?

Both river basins and watersheds are areas of land that drain to a particular water body, such as a lake, stream, river or estuary.

In a river basin, all the water drains to a large river.

The term watershed is used to describe a smaller area of land that drains to a smaller stream, lake or wetland.

There are many smaller watersheds within a river basin.

What is a River Basin?

The video describes a River Basin in the Amazon. Be sure that after the video you know what a river basin is and what the general charateristics are.

River Basin Notes

Be sure to take notes in you science notebook. ( you may only right what is in red)