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Road to Revolution

Road to Revolution

Author: Josh Arnold

Students will understand the cause and effect relationship between the actions of the British Parliament and the  reactions of the American colonies 

Start by reviewing the key terms of this lesson. Students take notes based on the video. 

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Key Terms

Use these key terms to understand the lesson.

Timeline organizer

Use this graphic organizer to record the different acts and events that happened before the American Revolution. You may use more than one page to record events. This will be used on any in class quizzes.


Source: Josh Arnold

Summary and background to key events

Source: Josh Arnold and history students

Web Quest Road to Revolution

Use the following websites to help you complete the timeline organizer for this lesson. 

Library of Congress:


Five cool social studies games to play

Road to Revolution game:

Win the White House:

The States geography game:

History scavenger hunt:

Warning this game is super addictive, don't start playing unless you have hours of free time: