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Rock Cycles

Rock Cycles

Author: Amanda Guajardo

7th grade Earth Science


Analyze the author's purpose in providing an explanation, describing a procedure, or discussing an experiment in a text.


CA Standards: 7th Grade 4c.Students know that the rock cycle includes the formation of new sediment and rocks and that rocks are often found in layers, with the oldest generally on the bottom. 

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Today we will look at web resources and a video to learn about rock cycles. Be sure to write down notes you may want to remember later! At the end of the lesson, you will take a quiz! 

The following below are GREAT resources to use for gathering more information on Rock Cycles. Be sure to write down some notes as there will be a quiz!

Clickable Rock Cycle Steps:


Rocky's Journey through the Rock Cycle:






What is the Rock Cycle!? Be sure to be able to explain to your neighbor. If you can answer this BIG question, then you'll ace the quiz! You may look at your notes for guidance. 

Let's take a break!!!

Try to sing along if you can!