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Role of Teacher and Student in 1:1

Role of Teacher and Student in 1:1

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson provides students with an overview of the changing role of the Student and the Teacher in the 1:1 Classroom

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Notes on “Role of Teacher and Student in 1:1”


(00:00-00:30) Introduction and Essential Questions

(00:31-00:58) 1:1 Recap

(01:59-01: 50) Teacher’s Role

(01:51-062:16) Student’s Role

(02:17-02:58) 1:1 Classroom Roles vs. Traditional Classroom Roles

(02:59-05:25) Project Red 5 Examples of 1:1 Classrooms

(05:26-05:46) Reflection

(05:47-06:16) Conclusion

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