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Role of Teacher and Student in BYOD

Role of Teacher and Student in BYOD

Author: Katie Hou

This lesson provides students with an overview of the the changing role of the Teacher and Student in the BYOD Classroom


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Notes on “Role of Teacher and Student in BYOD”


(00:00-00:24) Introduction and Essential Questions

(00:25-01:09) BYOD Recap

(01:10-02:12) Teacher’s Role

 (02:13-03:08) Student’s Role

(03:09-04:01) BYOD Classroom Roles vs. Traditional Classroom Roles

 (04:02-04:23) Reflection

(04:24-04:57) Conclusion

Additional Resources

BYOD Teacher Management Tips

This sheet from the Edina, MN School District offers useful strategies for teachers transitioning to a BYOD environment. There are strategies for getting started, classroom management, and iPad/ tablet environments.

More Districts Go BYOD

This article from the MacArthur Foundation provides an overview of why districts are going BYOD. In addition, the article includes resources and case studies that focus on teaching and learning. There is a related link on how teachers use cell phones in their classrooms that provides useful suggestions and strategies you may be interested in if you are moving to BYOD or Responsible Use.