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Rolling Through the Classroom

Rolling Through the Classroom

Author: Julie Kirk

Teachers will understand how to effectively implement centers into the classroom

Teachers will be able to create a lesson plan implementing centers.

Students tend to perform better when their activities are short and focused as opposed to sitting through a 45-minute lecture.  The centers-based approach to teaching requires students to move between independent work, teacher-led small group, and computer-based instruction.

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Today, you will learn how to implement centers into what you are already doing in your classroom.

First, we will review the basics and give ideas of how you can implement the concept by watching a shirt video.

Then, you create a lesson using centers and post it here :)

Let's get started!

Rolling Through the Classrom

This covers the basics of how to implement centers into both a 90-minute as well as fifty-five-minute classes. There are explanations of the centers as well as examples.

Computer Station

Here, students are using the sentences that we edited in small group to complete sound recordings. They will submit their best file to be graded.