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Romantic Landscape Painting

Romantic Landscape Painting

This lesson will overview the visual style and issues of Romanticism and the Hudson River School.
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Notes on "Romantic Landscape Painting"

Key Terms


A scene that shows man's dominion over nature.


In landscape painting, it refers to the charm of viewing nature in a undisturbed state

Hudson River School

American, 19th Century art movement characterized by  landscape painters, romanticism, and themes illustrating the Hudson River Valley, Catskills, Adirondack and the White Mountain area

Manifest Destiny

A doctrine held by some Americans beginning in the 19th century which believes in a divinely granted right of expansion


A 19th-century philosophical and spiritual movement, which stresses the intuitive over the empirical.


An aesthetic quality in nature during the 18th century, distinct from beauty, expressing awe and fear simultaneously


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