Romeo and Juliet Prologue  (BYOD)

Romeo and Juliet Prologue (BYOD)


To explore the opening prologue of Romeo and Juliet with 75% accuracy by reading and listening to an audio of prologue and completing a writing activity

This is a basic activity that introduces Romeo and Juliet.  The purpose of the activity is to setup knowledge and concepts of what's to come in the play.

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Instructions for Romeo and Juliet BYOD


     On last class period, you were informed to bring your own device to class and earbuds.  Your device should be one that is able to access the internet, i.e. smartphone, tablet, mini-computer, laptop, etc.  As we move on in our study of Shakespeare and drama, we will take our focus to Romeo and Juliet.  Follow the instructions below to complete assignment and prepare for discussion on next class period.

  • teacherweb.com/OH/SylvaniaCitySchools/English9Carr/Prologue.ppt   (once logged in and on to your device, visit the above mentioned PowerPoint.)

  • Read through the PPT, quickly scanning and noting anything that stands out.

  • Next, listen to the recording at the following link at least 2x (make sure your earbuds are in.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsT95cpn4Q0

  • ​Now go to the Sophia link on the board, complete the prologue assignment on a separate sheet on your device, save as a pdf and send to my email. If you do not finish in class, complete for homework...must be in by 11:59pm for credit.