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Romeo & Juliet - an introduction

Romeo & Juliet - an introduction

Author: kara porter

SPI 8.4 - Analyze how the author reveals character

SPI 8.8 - Determine the impact of setting

SPI 8.15 - Identify basic elements of plot

Pre-reading activities + Movie (0-8:34)

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When Is A Wrong Really Wrong?



When Is A Wrong Really Wrong?

R & J Intro

SOCIAL OFFENSES:  acts that society view as wrong


                        Rank each offense:     1 = VERY WRONG

                                                            2 = WRONG


                                                            3 = NOT THAT SERIOUS

 ____1.  Planning to trick/deceive someone

____ 2. Lying to parents

____ 3. Killing someone for revenge

____ 4. Advising someone to marry for money.

____ 5. Marrying someone for money.

____ 6. Continuing a feud that your family has had for generations.

____ 7. Selling drugs

____ 8. Killing someone by mistake while fighting with that person

____ 9. Suicide

____ 10. Crashing a party

____ 11. Marrying against parents’ wishes

____ 12. Giving the finger or another vulgar gesture

____ 13. Picking a fight

14. Question:  Did everyone in your group agree on the rankings?


15. Question:  What could be 3 reasons people have different opinions about these Social Offenses?



E-Notes: R & J, an introduction


Romeo & Juliet, movie trailer (1996)


R & J, an introduction (ppt)

Understanding Shakespeare

Watch the video of former Tennessee Titan Running Back Eddie George in the role of Julius Caesar. Use his body language to help you figure out his character - what kind of guy is Julius Caesar?

Movie, Part 1

Watch the beginning of the 1996 version of Romeo & Juliet. Stop at 8:34 and answer these questions on notebook paper.