Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Author: Andrew Lechler

The objective of my lesson plan is to help students lean more about the man behind the presidency. In more general terms they must know the lives of important people before they were important. This will help them to research more into candidates lives and be more informed in future elections. 

Ronald Reagan's life was full of accomplishments even more he became the 40th president of the United States. From being a lifeguard who saved many lives, to an actor, to salesmen to governor of California, Reagan's resume was impressive by the time he was elected to live at 1600 Penn. Ave. in Washington D.C....the purpose of this lesson is test student's knowledge of Reagan pre-presidency with a quiz. They will then watch the video and learn through lectures and reading about his past, and then take a post-lecture quiz. 

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Presidential Minute with Ronald Reagan

A quick glimpse into the life of Ronald Reagan

Source: Youtube