Roots and Irrationals

Roots and Irrationals


You will be able to identify perfect squares and take the square root of perfect numbers. To prove this, you will complete the quiz at the end of watching the videos. Come to class prepared with one or two questions from the tutorial, for participation points.

Watch the following video by Tuesday September 3rd

  1. Perfect Squares and Roots
  2. Number Sets

Create Cornell Notes for videos

Complete quiz after viewing videos and reviewing notes

 Come to class prepared with questions from the tutorial.

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Perfect Squares and Roots

In this video you will learn the definition for a perfect square. Use multiplication to determine the perfect square for numbers 11-20 too! Write them in your notes. It will help you in the future. You will also learn how to take the square root of a perfect square.

Number Sets

In this video you will learn how to classify different numbers in the real numbers. There is a great Vinn Diagram that explains this concept on page 34 in your HOLT textbook. Copy the chart in your notes to have a better understanding of how to classify real numbers. Pause the video whenever you need him to slow down.