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Rothaermel Exercise 3 Instructions
Must be completed in APA format with in 4 scholarly sources. In text citations 500-650 words total
Chapter Eleven Rothaermel Text
Discussion Question 11.1(Make sure you peruse the journal articles on strategy/structure within the Endnotes before completing this question.)
As noted in Chapter 5, many public firms are under intense pressure for short term( such as quarterly) financial improvements. How might such pressure, in combimnaion with output controls lead to unethical behaviors?
Discussion Question 11.2
Cultural norms and values play a significant role in all organizations, from businesses in the economic sector to religious, political, and sports organizations. Sotrong organiozationsal cultures can have many benefits, such as thise described in the Zappos example. However, sometimes a srong organizational culture is less positive. Vince Lombardi, renowned coach of the Green Bay Packers, is often quoted as saying “Winning isnt’t everything; it’s the only thing.”  Many sports teams from junior sports to professional sports have either explicitly or implicitly touted this attitude as exemplary. Others, however argue that this attitude is whats worng with sports and leads to injury, minor misbehavior, and criminal behavior. It encourages players to do whatever it takes to win-from tripping a player or other unsportsmanlike conduct during missle scholl sports to throwing a game as part of gambling.
            When a player hears the message as “any action will be tolerated as long as you are winning” there can be serious consequences on and off the field. Recent examples include high school football players convicted of reape, yet Jen Floyd Engel of Fox Sports noticed “a shocking lack of outrage” within the community as they continued to support their football heroes.
            How could leaders of sports organizations commicate the will to win and develop the necessary skills while maintaining ethical behavior?
            Think of examples of coaches who coaxed players t play by the rules and maintain high personal and ethical standards. What other socialization experiences could a coach use? What is the role of team leaders in encouraging high ethical standards while building the desire to win? Name some other examples of organizational culture leading to business failure, criminal behavior, or civil legal actions.
Discussion Question 12.1
How can a top management team lower the chances that key managers will pursue their own self interests at the expense of stockholders? At the expense of the employees? At the expense of other key stakeholders?
Discussion Question 12.3
The shared value creation framework provides help in making connections between economic needs and social needs in a way that transforms into a business opportuniuty. Taking the role of consultant to Nike Inc. discuss how Nike might move beyond selling high quality footwear and apparel and utilize its expertise to serve a social need. Give Nike some advice on acgtions the company could take in different geographic markets that would connect economic and social needs.

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