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RTI Q&A Series: How is Secondary Implementation (middle/high) Different?

RTI Q&A Series: How is Secondary Implementation (middle/high) Different?

Author: Nicole Bucka

1. To clarify the most frequently asked questions regarding Response to Intervention (RTI): in this case, "How is Secondary Implementation Different?"

2.  Provide related resources and websites

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How is Secondary Different?

This twelve minute video identifies major differences and contextual factors that will likely present themselves when implementing in secondary settings (middle and high school).

Rethinking Response to Intervention at Middle and High School

Authored by Fuchs, Fuchs, and Compton of Vanderbilt University, this commentary was published in School Psychology Review in 2010.


Source: School Psychology Review, 2010, Volume 39, No. 1, pp. 22-28

Thoughts on Rethinking Response to Intervention with Secondary Students


Source: School Pschology Review, 2010, Volume 39, No.2, pp. 296-299

High School Tiered Interventions: Lessons Learned


Tiered Interventions in High Schools

This collaborative report from The Center on Instruction, The National High School Center, and The National Center on Response to Intervention, summarizes what the High School Tiered Interventions Initiative (HSTII) has learned about effective implementation of RTI in high schools.


The RTI Action Network

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