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RTI Q&A Series: What Does Implementation in Secondary Schools Look Like (Part 1)

RTI Q&A Series: What Does Implementation in Secondary Schools Look Like (Part 1)

Author: Nicole Bucka

1.  To clarify the most commonly asked questions with regards to Response to Intervention; in this case, "What does implementation look like?"

2.  To share resources and websites

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What Does Implementation Look Like? (Part 1)

This first part of the Implementation series emphasizes that RTI is a systems change, a cultural change that will affect all facets of an educational system. There is a field of research, called Implementation Science, that studies how such large scale changes occur and its evidence base can contribute greatly to effective change process.

The National Implementation Research Network

The mission of NIRN is to contribute to the best practices and science of implementation, organization change, and system reinvention to improve outcomes across the spectrum of human services.

NIRN: Stages of Implementation Analysis

This tool follow implementation science and it is also the process that the pilot schools in this series go through. It can be used to assess current stages (baseline) or to problem solve around areas that haven't been completed, as well as to guide next steps.


Heartland Infrastructure Activities

**Please note that IDM means RTI in this document***