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Rube Goldberg Competition

Rube Goldberg Competition

Author: Jessica Ward
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What was the project?

In Physics the students are learning about work, energy, and power. Along with that is simple machines. The student's goal was to create a Rube Goldberg machine which is supposed to be a machine that takes many steps to accomplish a simple task. They were supposed to incorporate as many steps as they could and include as many simple machines as they could. These are the end results. If you could vote for the one you liked the best in the three categories at the end I would be very grateful! I hope you enjoy! 

* Make sure you turn the HD setting on the videos or they will be blurry and if you aren't logged into gmail you won't be able to vote at the end thanks! 

Musical Mustard Machine

End results were to strum a guitar (the guitar was broken), squirt mustard on a pair of jeans, and race a set of toy cars.

Breakfast for Two

The end result was to cook an egg and to feed a cat


End result was to turn on the strobe/spot light and to alley-oop the ball.

Gamers Guide

The end result was to turn on the game cube and roll the remote toward the player.

Filler and Stuffer

End result was to cut a cookie and to fill a bottle with "milk" aka water

I wet my plants

End result was to plant a flower in a flower pot and water it.

Tippinator 3000

End result was to put a tip in a tip jar and thank then thank the customer for the tip.

Hot Wheelz Wash

End result was to send a hot wheel to a "car wash" and wash and rinse the car.