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Ruby the Copycat

Ruby the Copycat

Author: anna haskel

Common Core State Standards

ELA.1.RI.2: Identify the main topic and retell key details of a text.

The first graders have already done a read-aloud on Ruby the Copycat.

To refresh their memory of the story, we will watch the video of the story on YouTube.

To check for understanding, the students will answer the quiz questions regarding the story. 


Following this lesson, on FUN FRIDAY, we will play a game of JEOPARDY to see what we remember from the story!!!


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Yesterday, we did a read-aloud on Ruby the Copycat. Today, let's refresh our memory by WATCHING the story! =)

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Rapid Review and Recall!

In the beginning of the story, Ruby starts to copy everything Angela wears to school...

In the middle of the story, Angela is okay with Ruby copying her outfits...

At the end of the story, Angela's feelings changed and she is no longer happy about Ruby being a copycat...



Finished the quiz early?

Feel free to draw your favorite scene of the story. When everybody has completed the quiz, we can share our pictures to the whole class and tell a sentence or two describing our pictures. 

More interactive activities for Ruby the Copycat!

Teachers, here is a great graphic organizer to get to know each child better! How do they feel on their first day of school? Great interactive activity!

Source: "Ruby the Copycat." SMART Exchange. Web. 21 Feb. 2015. .

The BIG Idea!

Now that we have a clear idea of Ruby the Copycat, it is time to put the story into our own words! 

First, think about the events in the story, and what happens in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end of the story....

*On a piece of paper, retell the story in your own words! You should summarize the story in about 3-5 sentences! 

Ruby the Copycat JEOPARDY!

Now let's have some fun! Let's see what we remember from the story!

Source: "Week #1 - Ruby the Copycat." Jeopardy Template. Web. 21 Feb. 2015. .