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Rules for Writing

Rules for Writing

Author: Karen Hamilton

The participant will 

understand that there are no rules when writing memoir, just gentle reminders

What are the rules when writing memoir?

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Gentle Reminders

These are not really rules! They are more like gentle reminders!

  • Start with one story at a time.
  • Make a schedule to write at least one page every day and stick to it!
  • Remember to include your feelings about the event! Many men forget to do this!
  • If you write only one page per day, you will have 365 pages in one year!
  • Use vivid detail.
  • For now, ignore spelling and grammar. If you worry about getting every sentence perfect, you will never finish your writing!
  • You can check facts later. Don’t worry if you forgot someone’s name or a particular date-just get the story written!!! You can go back later!
  • You may want to alter names and identities to protect your loved ones. 

Source: Karen Hamilton Silvestri

Assignment 2

Create a contract with yourself to write something in your memoir EVERY day, even if it is just a list. Tape this contract to your computer or notebook.

Source: Karen Hamilton Silvestri