Author: Patricia Rhone

Running head: ATTENDANCE POLICY RESTRUCTURE 1 Assignment 2.2: Justification Report - Attendance Policy Restructure - Part 2 Emanuel Snow


Running head: ATTENDANCE POLICY RESTRUCTURE1 Assignment 2.2: Justification Report - Attendance Policy Restructure - Part 2Emanuel SnowENG 315 November 5, 2015ProfessorStrayer University ATTENDANCE POLICY RESTRUCTURE 2 IntroductionCurrently, Archery Communication's attendance policy for PTO (Paid Time Off),unexcused absences, and tardiness regarding for employees in the call center are resolved withpenalizing actions. Even though the guidelines that are specified within the dynamics of theemployee handbook on page 17, there are no set guidelines to resolve the disciplinaryrepercussions for employees taking emergency time off. Our current process for employeeswithin the call center to take unexcused PTO during an unexpected or emergency situation are tonotify management at least one hour before assigned shift via phone call. The goal of this reportis to implement policies and procedures for employees working in the customer service callcenter to have opportunities take on schedule time off without any disciplinary actions takenagainst them for doing so. When the company hires new employees within the call center, thepolicies regarding time off must continue to be effective.ProblemArchery Communications currently does not have an effective attendance policy whendealing with call center employees taking emergency or on schedule time off. While the currentattendance policy seems fair on paper, it is problematic for both the company and call centerstaff. The call center is staffed and open in a 24 hours 7 day a week department in operations atthe company. With the organization experiencing exceptional growth with staffing, the companyhas experience issues with corporate social responsibility among its call center employees andtime off. There has been a 20 percent increase in employee turnover rates in the call centerdepartment. These turnover rates have been correlated with employees either terminated orresigned due to shift and time off corrective action methods used from the company’s currentattendance policy. Based on the current attendance policy for emergency time off, call centeremployees must notify their manager prior to their shift. Call center employees are allowed 

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