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Russian 1, Unit 2- School Life

Russian 1, Unit 2- School Life

Author: Jeanne Wardle
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Russian 1- Unit 2: School Life


Source: CCSD Curriculum

School Vocabulary


School Subjects


Russian verbs - мне нравится, I like

Mне нравится...
Mне не нравится...

Чебурашка идёт в школу (Cheburashka Goes to School)

Cheburashka Goes to School (Чебурашка идёт в школу) is a 1983 Soviet film directed by Roman Kachanov. Gena figures out that Cheburashka does not know how to read, so he tries to find him a School, but the school is closed for maintenance. Shapoklyak uses Lariska to scare the maintenance workers so they will work faster, but the school is also missing teachers. Gena volunteers to work as a Living Nature teacher, and Shapoklyak as a Labor teacher (teaching kids how to build slingshots, and drive all kinds of vehicles ("Even a plane, if I can get one").